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[Question] Whats Your Favorite Flavor of Linux and Why?
Hey guys what your favorite Linux distribution... Personally mine is DSL (Damn Small Linux) because of its portability and its usefulness... Anyone else want to way in? I knew few people who use Ubuntu everyday and I can't stand the purple it's just not my cup of tea You Know?
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You Need Any Solutions for Networking And Wireless ?
Hello guys,

You need any Any Solutions for Networking And Wireless ?

share with me...

Data Recovery
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great screenshot tool for Windows
first step download this file

or download the latest release from their website here.

then run and install the program with default installation.
next when it is finished open the program and make a folder on your desktop or somewhere named screenshots.
now in the taskbar right click on the greenshot icon and select preferences.
select the output tab and where it says storage location  select the button with the thre
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Computer Virus Detection And Removal
If someone's computer is slow, freezing, or tormented with popups, your computer may be infected. Then no need to worry, Datasyst Technology Services will assist you for a clean up your computer and secure your protection. Datasyst Technology Services is one of the best Computer virus removal Charlotte Nc company. If you have a Virus on your computer, then contact at "704-523-3548". They have experts for Virus detection or removal.