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how to tell if your video card is bad
before i start this i will say if you don't have a video card and your video is integrated into the motherboard you would have to buy a video card and install it to fix this problem.
most of the time when a video card fails you tend to see funky looking graphics on the screen or nothing at all
here is a picture of what this might look like

in this case just buy a new video card and install it and you should be good to go.
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how do you like this theme
Ok how do you like this theme and what can i change about it please comment and let me know. don't just say your theme is shit as i will probably remove the post just comment on what you think a better theme would be.
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How to Find the Oral Comm Bible for Fundamentals of Oral Communications
For all students taking oral communications. Go to Clusterflunk.com and sign up. using this link. ClusterFlunk When signed up, type in the search oral comm and find your class and download the file. That easy,  Pass your final.

Clusterflunk.com has shut down permanently. I have uploaded the OralComm102 Bible into this post. To pass your Oral Communication 120 final, download this STUDY MATERIAL which will improve your Oral Comm 102 finals. Download