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New here
I'm new to this forum and checking it out. And trentenmarschel I'm posting this from tapatalk Big Grin
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All New users post an introduction here after you have accepted the rules
Please post a short introduction of yourself in this forum after you have read the forum rules and then accept rules by posting in this forum. It could be as simple as,"My username is TJ and I came here because I spilled Koolaide on my laptop."

After you have re
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Hey i am new here
Hello Everyone, I am mclaren. I am new on this forum. I know little about pc and laptop. I hope if i have any problem with Pc or Laptop this forum will help me many ways. Thank you admin for accept me on this forum. I will try my best for following your rules.
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HD Issue on Optiplex 3010 - New Referb
HD Issue on Optiplex 3010 - New Referb
[color=#191e1e][font=Lato, -apple-system, BlinkMacSystemFont,]Computer:
Dell Optiplex 3010 - i5-3470 - 8 gig

[color=#191e1e][font=Lato, -apple-system, BlinkMacSystemFont,]Problem: T