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Windows 7 problem with video/graphics card?
I have this Acer extensa 4420 laptop that i had and it had windows vista on it... but i was told that windows 7 was better! so i got it and installed it. But now for some reason i cant play video games or anything 3D for that matter. It always says somthing about the video card not being installed or somthing. My video card is a AMD 64 Athlon X2 and graphics card is ATI Radeon. Please help me
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Boot problem
I'm working on trying to fix my Dell XPS 410. I had a problem with the computer crashing often, but when I would reboot everything would come up as normal on the screen. I could work again on the computer until it would crash again and then I would have to do the reboot process again.
Here is what I have done to try to fix the problem and what my problem is now.
Thinking it my be a hard Dive issue, I put in a new hard Drive.
Booted up the computer OKAY but still had the crashing problem.