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changing the right click menu for certain files
today i found a great program. first i installed photoshop and found that when right clicking a .jpg file it would not give me the option to open it with photoshop. after looking forever i found a way to make the right click edit command work with photoshop. here is a link to the program that makes this possible


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How to Find the Oral Comm Bible for Fundamentals of Oral Communications
For all students taking oral communications. Go to Clusterflunk.com and sign up. using this link. ClusterFlunk When signed up, type in the search oral comm and find your class and download the file. That easy,  Pass your final.

Clusterflunk.com has shut down permanently. I have uploaded the OralComm102 Bible into this post. To pass your Oral Communication 120 final, download this STUDY MATERIAL which will improve your Oral Comm 102 finals. Download
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Please Confirm You Have Read The Rules.
All new users should just Post Yes in this forum to Confirm that they have read and agree to all the Rules.
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All New users post an introduction here after you have accepted the rules
Please post a short introduction of yourself in this forum after you have read the forum rules and then accept rules by posting in this forum. It could be as simple as,"My username is TJ and I came here because I spilled Koolaide on my laptop."

After you have re
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Any Suggestions on what to do with the site?
Ideas, Anyone?