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great screenshot tool for Windows
first step download this file

or download the latest release from their website here.

then run and install the program with default installation.
next when it is finished open the program and make a folder on your desktop or somewhere named screenshots.
now in the taskbar right click on the greenshot icon and select preferences.
select the output tab and where it says storage location  select the button with the thre
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Help with Windows 7 problem?
I've just bought a new hp laptop and I it has windows 7 installed on it. I can't seem to figure out how to change the background on it, usually you would just right click and then press personalizel but I don't have that button anymore!! 

What should I do? 
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Windows 7 problem with video/graphics card?
I have this Acer extensa 4420 laptop that i had and it had windows vista on it... but i was told that windows 7 was better! so i got it and installed it. But now for some reason i cant play video games or anything 3D for that matter. It always says somthing about the video card not being installed or somthing. My video card is a AMD 64 Athlon X2 and graphics card is ATI Radeon. Please help me
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Windows software
I downloaded three android emulators following a certain installation guide (you can check it here) however the emulators are not working on my Windows 7 PC. Has anyone here faced the same issue? How did you solve it? Please help.