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help pc hp

HP pc help
Hi all I'm new to this forum and I'm in desperate need of  some advice 
I was given a dead HP touchsmart PC that I would like to get working again as I like to tinker around with PCs and electronic stuff .
Ok let me tell you what's wrong if i plug the mains plug in it will just turn on I'll do not need to touch the power button , the power supply  fan spin the cooling fan will spin you can hear the hard drive spinning and if I put a CD in you also hear the disk drivers spinning and trying to read the disk  that's it that's all that works the CPU and graphics card do not get hot  no matter how long you leave it turned on , if I remove the RAM or the graphics card or both you will not get any beeps no beep code just the one on startup  the USB ports and LEDs have no power, the screen stays black no back lights even if you put a torch on the screen there's nothing there  but you can hear the touch screen working when touched ,I would really like to get this PC working again but I'm not planning to spend a fortune any help would be very very appreciated

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