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and edge display between space empty screen

Empty space between display edge and screen edge
TLDR: blank space around visible display only when using hdmi on installed gpu. Display extends to use the full screen when using vga from either integrated gpu or installed. Using VGA is not an accepted option. Troubleshooting described below.

I am working on someone's computer for them.They are running the following machine:

HP Model cq5218f with some upgrades according to the owner of the computer

GPU: Asus EAH5770 CUCore/2DI/1GD5

CPU: AMD Athlon™ II x2 215 Processor 2.7 GHz

Motherboard: Pegatron m2n78-LA

Ram: 3gb DDR2

Power Supply: Eagle Voltas model: et-psvt500

OS: Windows 7 service pack 1 64-bit


At the time of coming into my custody the owner of the computer complained that their computer stopped sending the display to their tv through the hdmi port. They had bought a new cable and that did not resolve the problem. They then took the computer outside, used canned air to blow out the dust and debris from the computer that had built up. The display returned for 2 days and stopped again.

Once the computer was brought into my custody I tested all ports and did not get a display. I removed the graphics card and booted the computer. It displayed normally using the onboard graphics. There were several windows updates and a corrupted section of the windows registry. I repaired what I could but did not fix all of it through the system file checker.

I got a normal display from the vga port on the graphics card but not the hdmi port.

I attempted to update the graphics driver through the device manager. It says all drivers are up to date. I went and found the most up to date graphics driver from the manufacturer. That resulted in a bluescreen and a required rollback to the previous state.

I attempted to install a tool to select the correct driver for me and the tool simply tells me there are no compatible devices installed. At the time the graphics card did appear in the device manager.

Eventually through clearing out errors that were preventing windows updates I was able to get the HDMI port to display on the original graphics card but there was a large gap between the edge of the screen and the edge of what was displayed. I suspected it to be a driver issue and cleared all graphics drivers from the machine. Reinstalled the one that was supposed to be the up to date driver and blue screened again. I uninstalled the drivers for the graphics card and physically replaced it with:

HIS ATI Radeon HD5670 IceQ 1GB DDR5 DVI/HDMI/DisplayPort PCI-Express

Same hdmi problem. With the empty space around the displayed image. Checked for driver updates. Updates installed. Restarted. Repeat until completely updated. Still blank edge. Check for windows updates. 2 optional updates installed. Restart. Edge is still present. Windows is up to date.

Run cmd as administrator

Run system file checker: windows resource protection found corrupt files but was unable to fix some of them.

I go to where the cbs.log should be. The only one for today's date is a .txt file that when opened starts a prompt saying access is denied. All other files say cabinet file under type and are from previous scans I have done. When opening those I get a lot of information I do not understand.

I have given up and am posting the entire journey to a forum to ask what I should do, if there is anything I can do. I am not entirely sure what each of the errors in the cbs.logs that I can read mean. I attached a copy of one here The owner of the computer does not want to wipe the hard drive if it is not absolutely necessary.

I suggested to the owner of the computer that they run no less than 4gb of ram for windows 7 and that may help with some of the slowness they experience with the machine. They said that their computer has 64 gigs of ram also that drivers don't exist. They would like to use hdmi to connect to their t.v. and not vga. Vga displays normally. Hdmi has the blank space. The owner of the computer wants to use hdmi and not have the blank space.

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