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power supply issues

Power Supply issues
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     PSU problems can cause hard drives to have errors.  If you constantly have to, >/chkdsk /f
Your PSU might not be with enough watts to run your PC.

      Check to see if your PSU cooling fan is still running.  Installing the fan downwards on a build, and you can not see the fan turn, and it may not be working.  Dust clogging it also heats it up, and you computer could be running slow.

       I have the Power Supply Tester,  that has the LCD screen, and gives the voltages.  A constant beep and flashing values means that is should be a PSU fail.  2.7 volts and not 3.3 volts.   How about the - 12 volts from the single blue wire.  You can easily short out pin 4 & 5 that turns on your PSU and you can read voltages.  PS or power good is read, that should be showing a value of a few hundred milli seconds.

       If your computer is having problems such as software is, (not responding) it could be your PSU.

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