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sound not working

sound not working
ok if your sound isn't working here is a list of steps to take.

1. make sure your speakers are plugged into the wall
2. the green plug from your speakers plug into the green plug in the back of your computer
3. on your computer screen in windows in the bottom right toolbar makes sure the volume is turned up on the speaker icon if the icon is red and doesn't detect any speakers you need to search for drivers for the sound card or your motherboard drivers.
Go into Windows Update, and let it search for Optional Hardware Updates.

If thats a no. Right Click on My Computer, go to properites and click on device manager.

Look under sound for your sound card. go into your sound card's properties and click update driver and let it search the internet for one.

If all else fails, check the wires Tongue

Virus Removal
by the which best for sound system can you give me this idea. I know how to check it. But i want to know which is best sound system for laptop or PC. I have bought so if you give me the information this will be good for me.
When you face sound related problem then you may get help from these tips. Thanks to share quality information.
Some time the problem belongs to the window, so make sure your computer's window is Ok. Otherwise, you will have to make to fix.

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